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We have Serviced and Protected the most prestigious companies in the Mcallen area for more than a decade.

So let us protect your home or business from fires.


I remembered the first time that I felt proud of our company. There were some old apartments that due to a very small budget their Fire Extinguishers were not up to Par. 

After several days of trying to persuade the manager, she finally agreed to service them.

Not even a week later I was called out to go recharge the Fire Extinguishers.

As I drove up to the location I noticed there had been a fire.  The Fire Department Investigator was being interviewed by the Local News Media.  Two of the maintenance workers greeted me saying "Hey! Your Fire Extinguishers Worked Awesome!"

With two extinguishers and half of another one, we were able to extinguished the whole apartment fire, even before the Fire Department got there. 

There was a family sleeping on the bottom apartment that could've been injured or killed if we didn't turn off that fire.

It goes to show that Safety is Our #1 Priority. We service McAllen and all the surrounding areas. A fire extinguisher is an essential emergency item to have available in any restaurant, school, hospital, or public building.

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